Which is the better film?
Braveheart Gladiator
Wallace Maximus

Each is a historical epic centering around a virtuous hero (William Wallace/Maximus Decimus Meridius) who after a long time away just wants to return home so that he can settle down with a family as a farmer. Initially turning down a call to action to bring freedom to his kingdom (Scotland/The Roman Empire) by an older figure he's known since childhood (Campbell the Elder/Marcus Aurelius) in this pursuit but finds himself forced to fight when those he cares about are murdered by forces in the service of his peoples' corrupt ruler (King Edward Longshanks/Emperor Commodus) who is seeking to expand and consolidate his power. During which time the hero develops a near legendary reputation and becomes the leader of a ragtag band of heroes. He would also gain a chief ally in a woman of royalty that lies within the villain's inner circle (Isabella/Lucilla) who also serves as his second love interest. Eventually after a betrayal at a key point the protagonist would be set to die in a public display by the ruler. With the hero, in some way, managing to achieve a kind of victory. As he dies the hero has a vision of whom he lost welcoming him into the afterlife. After which he has allies, including a powerful friend who had prior turned on him (Robert the Bruce/Quintus) to serve the monarch, inspired to continue his mission in his stead.

Which is the better film?

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