Which is the better film?
King Arthur Robin Hood
KingArthur04 RobinHood10

Each is a historical epic that serves as a more grounded and gritty retelling as well as an origin story for a classic figure of British legend. Each centering around a protagonist (Artorius Castus/Robin Longstride) who serves a powerful kingdom (Rome/England) that he eventually becomes disillusioned with and walks away from to become a leader of his own. Both became greatly influenced in their ideals by a father-figure in their lives (Pelagius/Thomas Longstride) who he comes to discover wound up being executed by the ruling powers for his teachings promoting the inherent rights of freedom and equality for all. The hero and his ragtag company of warriors (The Knights of the Round Table/The Merry Men) face-off against the forces of an invading king (King Cerdic of the Saxons/King Philip of France) trying to conquer Britain.

Which is the better film?

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