Which is the better film?
RoboCop The Crow
RoboCop87 TheCrow94

Each is a high-concept action film set in a heightened version of Detroit, Michigan that is centered around a protagonist (Alex J. Murphy/Eric Draven) who is ruthlessly murdered by a dangerous criminal (Clarence Boddicker/T-Bird) and his gang of hoodlums. In the process loving the love of his life (Ellen Murphy/Shelley Webster) in one way or another. However he returns in a new superhuman form (RoboCop/The Crow) initially without the memory of who he was originally. After doing so he goes on a mission to bring down justice upon those responsible. The main antagonist turns out to be a higher ranking criminal his killers are working for. (Dick Jones/Top Dollar) And during the climax he would be killed with a great fall from a giant building.

Which is the better film?

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