Which is the better film?
Shakespeare in Love A Knight's Tale
ShakespeareInLove AKnightsTale

Each is a historical comedy-drama set in England centered around a popular entertainment of the day (theatre/jousting) and a protagonist who wants to be a part of it (Viola de Lesseps/William Thatcher) but can't due to the circumstances they were born into. (as a woman/as a peasant) Thus each takes up a new identity (Thomas Kent/Sir Ulrich von Liechtenstein) in order to do so. Each manages to win the sympathy of a royal who does what they can to help them. (Elizabeth I of England/Edward, the Black Prince) Among the players is a struggling writer (William Shakespeare/Geoffrey Chaucer) who takes up with them as the audience sees what are to be inspirations for elements of his iconic real-world works. Though each at its heart centers around a romance between star-crossed lovers. (William & Viola/William & Jocelyn)

Which is the better film?

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