Which is the better film?
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
TheEmpireStrikesBack TheTwoTowers

Each is chronologically the fifth chapter in an iconic film saga and this time around the main protagonist (Luke Skywalker/Frodo Baggins) as he continues his journey truly begins to deal with the corruptive forces trying to overtake him (The Dark Side/The One Ring) and comes to understand a physically malformed enemy to represent what he could become if he gives into temptation. (Darth Vader/Gollum) The old wizard thought to have died in the previous chapter (Obi-Wan Kenobi/Gandalf) returns in a new form (A Force Ghost/A White Wizard) in order to provide further guidance to the protagonists. The main military engagement takes place at a cavernous fortress the heroes had retreated to (The Battle of Hoth/The Battle of Helm's Deep) where they hold out long enough to accomplish what they set out to do even after their outer defenses get blasted through. However, at least a portion of the climax sees a group of the heroes finding themselves in the hands of an old associate of one of their friends (Lando Calrissian/Faramir) who turns into an enemy when he makes them captives in a bid to save his people and home. (Bespin/Gondor) However he eventually relents and helps to free them as the forces of darkness move to overtake the city they are in. (Cloud City/Osgiliath) The main protagonist has a confrontation with a black-clad enforcer for the Dark Lord during this (Darth Vader/A Nazgul) and has to be rescued by his friend. (Leia Organa/Sam Gamgee) Both films end with the heroic armies rallying together in order to move forward for another battle and the main protagonist bonding with the friend who saved him as they comfort each other.

Which is the better film?

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