Which is the better film?
The Godfather Part III The Dark Knight Rises
TheGodfatherPartIII1990 TheDarkKnightRises

Each serves as the final part of an iconic trilogy. Whilst doing well critically during initial theatrical release, they'd both in the aftermath become the most contested chapter. Unlike the shorter span of time between the first two installments, these stories would take place many more years after their predecessors. Showing the protagonist (Michael Corleone/Bruce Wayne) in a weathered, physically-weakened state. Wracked with the pain of and guilt over a loved one's death even after many years. Whether it be one he ordered or someone he failed to save. (Fredo Corleone/Rachel Dawes) Though in spite of that the world around him looks at its most prosperous. He tries to stay out of the game at this point, but inevitably finds pulled back in. Returning to face a conflict that at first seems to be a simple play by a flamboyant associate who wants control over his business empire (Joey Zasa/John Daggett) but is revealed to be just a cog of a grander conspiracy that threatens everything he's tried to build being orchestrated by another one of his business associates (Licio Lucchesi/Miranda "Talia" Tate) which is run through their partner in crime. (Don Altobello/Bane) The protagonist finds himself taking up an, oft called a hothead, protégé of sorts (Vincent Mancini/John Blake) who by the end becomes the successor to his mantle.

Which is the better film?

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