Which is the better film?
The Godfather Part II The Dark Knight
TheGodfatherPartII1974 TheDarkKnight

Each is an acclaimed sequel that serves as the second chapter on an iconic film trilogy. Being a darker film as well as often debated to be a potentially stronger one. The protagonist (Michael Corleone/Bruce Wayne) is put up against one of his most cunning adversaries yet (Hyman Roth/The Joker) set on tearing him down and finds himself seemingly forced to bend his own rules to attain victory. When it came to the previous installment in either series the protagonist (Michael Corleone/Bruce Wayne) saw his time in the assumed role (The Godfather/Batman) as a temporary position to be left behind when his work was finished. However what he ultimately comes to see is how this role truly becomes his destiny. His relationship with his love interest (Kay Corleone/Rachel Dawes), the person who represented the normal life he could have had, became strained but ultimately break-off because she was able to realize it.

Which is the better film?

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