Which is the better film?
The Godfather Batman Begins
TheGodfather1972 BatmanBegins2005

Each is the opening chapter of an iconic film trilogy that brings pulpy source material to the big screen. Both films chronicle a young protagonist (Michael Corleone/Bruce Wayne) that begins his journey to becoming a powerful player. The difference being the side of the law they'd ultimately fall on. Both decide to take upon a special role/title to fulfill their task. (The crime lord the Godfather/The vigilante Batman) Both initially being spurred as a reaction to violence against their families that they sought to protect. Each went into exile from the United States after a key confrontation with one or more criminals in a diner for a number of years until returning home in order to try and bring about justice. But each has to contend with a intricate conspiracy run by an old rival and associate (Emilio Barzini/Ra's al Ghul) who initially acts through proxies to cover-up his involvement including a mob boss who appears to be running things at the start (Philip Tattaglia/Carmine Falcone) and a man who serves as the underworld's liason to get drugs into their domain. (Virgil Sollozzo/Jonathan Crane)

Which is the better film?

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