Which is the better film?
Troy Kingdom of Heaven
Troy2 KingdomOfHeaven2

Each is a historical epic centering around the conflict over a sprawling and powerful city. (Troy/Jerusalem) A corrupt and conniving man of nobility (Agamemnon/Guy de Lusignan) whose chief ally is a brutish warlord played by Brendan Gleeson (Menelaus/Raynald of Chatillon) seeks to expand his power, causing bloodshed in that pursuit which ignites full scale war. Both films thematically being about the questionable if not ultimately trivial motivations for and excuses used to get people fighting in war and how important they really are. In the end the invading force (The Greeks/Saladin's army) manages to overtake the city. But a great many of its inhabitants do wind up leaving in exile.

Which is the better film?

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